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Benefits for Businesses | Bikeflip

Connect to bikers everywhere

Bikeflip builds the missing bridge between online consumers and your business

Sell new and used inventory

No matter if you want to sell the newest Model or a Bike you took as payment from a customer - Bikeflip is the perfect place to sell bikes and components.
Sell new and used inventory

Reach the modern consumers and bring them directly to your store

Over 80% of customers are looking for offers online before buying them in a store. That’s why your inventory needs to be findable over Google and Social Media. Fortunately, that’s exactly where Bikeflip will help your business.
Reach the modern consumers and bring them directly to your store

All you need to succeed online


Create over-regional reach

Bikeflip helps to extend your customer base and make your business even more successful.


Simply manage ads and inquiries

Keeping track of your products on Bikeflip is intuitive & easy. The professional dashboard allows you to view your offers and keep in touch with your customers.


No hidden fees

Bikeflip is always clear & transparent - this also holds true for our pricing. Instead of complicated fees we provide a simple subscription model which adapts to your needs.

Fast tech & modern Design

Bikeflip uses the latest technologies and blends it with a modern design. Why is this important? Because a fast, mobile ready platform and a user-friendly design will increase you sales and customer happiness.
Fast tech & modern Design

Marketing is our job

Social Networks

The Team behind Bikeflip knows how to grow an online audience. Having built one of the largest social media channels in the bicycle world puts us in the right position to spread your message.
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Search engine optimization

Being on top on Google is difficult and needs a lot of effort. Fortunately, we are doing it for you. This will help consumers to find your shop and offers.

Content people love

We are passionate about creating contents. No matter the topic, we find ways to make it unique. Even if it is just about a guideline to find the right bike for you.

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