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How to do a backflip - Torquato Testa

How to do a backflip - Torquato Testa


You always wanted to learn how to do a backflip? FMB Pro athlete Torquato Testa will show you how to get spinning!

Learning a backflip

The backflip is certainly one of the most spectacular tricks you can learn without being an absolute pro. With the right timing and the correct eye movement, the trick is relatively simple. It just takes quite some commitment. Torquato will show you how to find the confidence you need!

No time to watch the video? Here are the steps:

  1. First you should learn a manual. The pulling movement of a backflip is very similar. However, you have to pull so hard that you would tip over backwards in a manual. So practice pulling a manual over the tipping point at slow speed.

  2. Once you have enough pull, you can try a jump. For the first attempts you should go to a spot with an airbag. This way you can land upside down without hurting yourself.

  3. Now it's all about timing. You have to start the pulling movement exactly when your front wheel is at the edge of the jump. If you pull too early or too late, you cannot initiate the rotation.

  4. As soon as you have pulled properly, you must put your head back. From now on, try to spot the landing as early as possible.

  5. If you rotate too fast or too slow, you can pull the wheel further away or closer. If you are over-rotating, you can also apply the rear brake, which will also slow down the rotation.

  6. Ideally, you should land with both wheels at the same time. Make sure your upper body remains stable to absorb the impact.

  7. Tada, your first backflip!

Still looking for the right bike?

To learn a backflip, you need the right bike. We recommend a Dirtbike or a BMX. Thanks to smaller wheels and more compact frames, these bikes are easier to turn than classic mountain bikes.

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