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How to No Foot Cancan - Lukas Knopf

How to No Foot Cancan - Lukas Knopf


In this episode of Bikeflip School Lukas Knopf will show you how to learn and master a No Foot Cancan.

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No Foot Cancan

Lifting of your feet from the pedals while mid air is scary - but it's also super stylish. That's enough of a reason to lern a No Foot Cancan, one of Lukas Knopfs favorite tricks. He calls it a timeless beauty and will teach you how to do it in now time.

Still looking for the right bike?

To learn a No Foot Cancan, you need the right bike. We recommend a Dirtbike or a BMX. Thanks to smaller wheels and more compact frames, these bikes are easier to turn than classic mountain bikes.

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