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Our story

Our Story


Bikeflip was born in a bar over some beers as a crazy thought. Clichee, we know. But the idea sticked with us. All of us had been in the situation of wanting to sell a bike but in the absence of a good platform our offers landed on unspecific marketplaces or forums. There they were hard to find and the user experience was unpleasant. A better solution was needed.


Don’t worry! Bikeflip got you covered.

When talking about Bikeflip to other riders and industry insiders nobody knew any user-friendly way of selling bikes and components. Actually, everybody was surprised. There was Autoscout24 for cars, for hotels and Tinder for finding...ehm, love, but nothing for bikes? That’s why Bikeflip was created.

Who we are

Eating Pasta is his main job
When not riding he is coding - even in the bathroom
He's training hard to become an athlete one day
Social Media Manager
Legend says he can take pictures even without a camera
Video Master
He is editing faster than a Formula 1 car
Maybe you?
Looking for a job that helps the bike community to grow? Here you go!

Bike Community Culture

Our Team has been part of the bike community since forever and we love it. The rides, the good times, the passionate people have drawn us into the industry. With Bikeflip we want to give back by supporting the bike community and providing a tool that brings even more people on two wheels. Biking culture is also part of our business values. That’s why we at Bikeflip focus on a good work-ride balance and a modern, inclusive work environment.

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